SnowGlobe Live! is a Unique Marketing Opportunity

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One of the most popular souvenirs is a miniature snow globe that highlights a city's major tourist attractions. It brings a swirling snowstorm to any part of the country. You can now climb into afe-sized snow globe and create your own memorable scene, no matter where youve. It's SnowGlobe Live!, a brand new attraction by Artificial Ice Events, that is taking the nation by ' storm. The giant, inflatable snow globe enables children, adults and families to enter a fantasy world, playing with artificial snow and experiencing something truly unique. It's a non-denominational holiday attraction that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Up to six guests can take part at one time, climbing inside to play and have their picture taken in this 15' by 15' giant snow globe. The Giant human SnowGlobe is very exciting to see, it creates a huge WOW! factor partly because it's big and eye catching, and partly because it's such a different type of attraction. When you experience the SnowGlobe somewhere hotke Texas, Florida, or California at a winter themed festival or event, it's going to get you taking, taking pictures and sharing them. Corporate sponsorship SnowGlobe Live! makes for a terrific photo opportunity; the photos can be used for souvenirs and holiday cards. Framed souvenir photos, prepared on site in a matter of minutes, offer the potential for significant revenue. In addition, this human snowglobe is a tremendous marketing tool for corporate sponsors, who can display signage behind, below or alongside this attraction. In this way, a brand message and logo can be incorporated into all souvenir photos. These photos can then be shared online, through siteske Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Many guests use them for holiday cards, so sponsorship of this special event translates into even more corporate promotion. The unique characteristics of this attraction, combined with unlimited social media exposure, make corporate sponsorship a worthwhile investment. Numerous promotional possibilities Although SnowGlobe Live! is a brand new phenomenon, its popularity has been growing steadily. Events have been held all over the country at: ' Malls ' Light festivals ' Theme parks ' Winter weekend ' Casinos ' Cruise ships ' Museums ' Treeghtings ' Hotels ' Holiday parties Some of the more well known hosts include Best Buy, J.C. Penney and the Miami Dolphins. Set-up takes just 90 minutes SnowGlobe Live! is an inflatable plastic structure, 15 feet square, made of sturdy materials that are completely safe. Thefe-sized snowglobe, which is inflated using an internal blower system hidden beneath the floor, takes about 90 minutes to set up or take down. The space requirement for the snowglobe is a 25-foot square (625 square feet). This includes space for a photographer and processing equipment as well as room for people tone up. Artificial Ice Events staff members will set up the snowglobe and escort guests in and out of this attraction. They are also available to answer questions and make sure that everyone has a great experience during the event. Artificial Ice Events was founded by Mike Gallant, a veteran competitive speed skater from Massachusetts, a Boston suburb. Initially, the business focused on artificial skating rinks, which could be set up in any part of the country, in any type of weather conditions. Since it's inception, the company has expanded its offerings and is now the exclusive provider of SnowGlobe Live! Combining his knowledge of ice skating with years of event planning experience, Gallant has expanded the company to include skating events and other unique promotional opportunitieske SnowGlobe Live! Contact the company at 800-275-0815 or visit the Artificial Ice Events website at for more information about SnowGlobe Live!, synthetic ice rinks and special event planning.

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